Psychedelic Music & Arts Festival


The new location is Hulsbeek, nestled in the breathtaking region of Twente, close to the city of Oldenzaal. Picture in your mind vast serene lakes, picturesque islands, lush forests and Sandy beaches.

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As soon as tickets are available online, you can purchase them here on this website.

The campsite opens Monday the 15th of July 2024 and closes on Tuesday the 23rd of July 2024.

The campsite is directly at the festival area and offers the option to camp in the forest or on open fields. There are communal kitchens available at the campsite as well as hot showers and flushing toilets.

Mobile homes need a mobile home ticket.

If you have special needs, you can camp on our special needs campsite. Please make sure to get your special needs campsite ticket. We offer a close to the main entrée camping spot, Electricity, a fridge. Larger showers and toilets.

We no longer want to be any part of the current meat industry and have thus decided to become a 100% vegetarian festival. For some of you that may take some getting used to, but we encourage you to try out all the great vegetarian foods that we have to offer. If you really can’t survive one week without meat, then you are welcome to cook up your own meat on the campsites of course.

Because of safety issues you can’t make fires on the campsite, fires can burn underground here for days. There are fires on the festival’s beaches and designated campfire spots. You can use gass stoves and bbq’s if you like.

There are no day tickets for sale at Psy-Fi. A Psychedelic trance festival is a journey that can’t be experienced in one day. However, we do sell tickets at the gates in case we are not sold out. Ticket prices will drop in the weekend, we’ll keep you posted on that.

To Be Announced

-At Psy-Fi we care for the Environment.

We are a very big group of party people and we do leave a lot of trash behind. That is why we have joined forces with the PsyClean Crew since the very first edition. With their team of around 70 volunteers they will take care of a super clean festival. But we need your involvement as a visitor!

At the entrance you will receive a portable ashtray for free. Please use it for your cigarette buds, never throw them onto the ground! We don’t want them to poison the groundwater or animals of this beautiful land, do we?

Every visitor receives a garbage bag at the entrance. At the end of the festival we ask you to put as much trash as you can find into the bag and deposit it at one of our trash collection points. This way you can help us and the festival to keep the nature around us nice and clean.

If you have full trashbags that you want to get rid of during the festival, you can put them alongside the roads on the campsite and we will pick them up for you. (preferably next to a garbage bin).

If you run out of garbage bags, you can always get a new one for free at the info point.

All the trash we collect gets machine sorted behind the scenes by the recycle company, so you can be sure that cans, plastic, paper and organic waste are all properly recycled.

Thank you in advance for helping us to make our festival a cleaner experience. 🙂

During the campsite opening hours you can turn to our info point and check if you see your belongings there 🙂 If you have found an item on the festival then you can bring it to the info point. Thank you for your honesty and taking care of each others belongings.

Yes, but on the festival only plastic bottles are allowed for drinks, no cans or glass because of many people walking on bare feet. You can only bring in plastic bottles, no glass or cans. Please respect these rules as people can get seriously hurt from cans and glass.


 There is no particular family campsite but most of the campsite is fairly quiet, especially on the far corners of the campsites.


Yes they are . But there are limited spaces available on the campsite. We sell mobile home tickets separately. You need a mobile home ticket to be able to park your mobile home directly on the campsite. 

No, that is not necessary, cold showers are for free but we do charge a small contribution for the hot showers.

No, but he/she can camp with you on the visitors campsite.

No, we did allow it for the first 4 editions, resulting in the abandonment of many dogs. Some of them were adopted and others went to the animal shelter. There were also many biting incidents and we’ve had to break in to cars when dogs were left there in the boiling sun. We feel that a crowded music festival with lots of noise is not the best place for your pet. So please leave your pet at home with a good babysitter 🙂

To Be Announced

To Be Announced