Psychedelic Music & Arts Festival



First of all thank you for joining our gathering at Psy-Fi, we wish you a safe journey and a fantastic festival experience.We encourage everyone to contribute to a greener world and we thank you for making the choice to travel to us by Holland’s most famous transportation device, the bicycle. Before you start out on your trip, there are a few important things you should know to be able to participate.  Bellow we explain the most important rules;

  • A +200km bike ride gets you a free ticket to Psy-Fi festival.
  • A +400km – bike ride gives you a free ticket to Psy-Fi and a chance to win a 7 night stay in one of the 5 Kartent tents provided by Kartent.

      (you need to bring sleeping gear).

  • Registration does NOT automatically mean that you are in the program
  • Not everyone that bikes over 400kms will get a Festipi, we will do a lottery under all participants and give away 5 festipi’s and 10 Kartents.
  • Every participant has to upload a picture with a short intro about him/her self to the group.
  • We create a Facebook group for all participants to share their trip pictures, routes, meeting points along the way as a way to connect with each other and for us to follow your journey.
  • Every participant has to upload a picture with a short intro about him/her self to the group.
  • Every participant or group has to do at least three photo or video uploads during the trip that we can share on our official pages.
  • At the festival  entrance you will be welcomed by one of our staff and you will receive your welcoming package, including a ticket, portable ashtray, festival newspaper and you will be shown to your camping area.

You can only enter the “Psy-Fi by Bike” program if you follow and agree with these rules.

If you have any questions now or along the way, feel free to connect with us at any time.If you have decided that you would like to join the program, then please Fix in this form and we will contact you soon.

  • your full name, and all the names of the participants in your group, 
  • your route and the amount of Kilometers you will travel, 
  • your starting position
  • your planned date of arrival
  • your Facebook profile’s so that we can add you to the group

Thank you again for joining us and have a safe and fun trip!

The Psy-Fi team.

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