Psychedelic Music & Arts Festival


Make Magic Happen: Volunteer for an Unforgettable Experience!


Help us create a remarkable journey for over 15,000 people during their week-long stay. We need your support to ensure their safety and comfort. Discover what it takes to host such a massive event and become a valued team member.

Ready to volunteer? Register by filling out the form on this page.

At Psy-Fi, we’re on a mission to craft a space where art, culture, music, personal growth, and nature unite. It’s a place of collaboration across diverse backgrounds – a world where learning from one another is second nature.

In recent years, dedicated volunteers like you have fuelled our festival’s success. You’re the heart of our event. Without you, our next edition wouldn’t be possible. By joining us, you share in our responsibility, relying on your commitment and enthusiasm.

You’ll collaborate with amazing individuals who, like you, are proud to be part of the Psy-Fi crew, helping bring our beautiful festival to life.

Rewards for your hard work:

  • Free festival entry.
  • Psy-Fi Crew shirt.
  • 2 meals on your working days.
  • Space at the volunteers’ camping ground.
  • Enjoy the festival in your free time.
  • Access to free showers, coffee, tea, and water.
  • Free parking.
  • Abundant appreciation from the organization.


  • Dedicate hours before, during, or after the festival.
  • Choose from various roles; while we consider your preferences, we can’t always accommodate all.


More information about signing up to volunteer at Psy-Fi will be announced in the future!