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PSY-FI “Guardians of Gaia”

What’s happening?

Psy-Fi  “Guardians of Gaia” 17-22 July 2024

As they say, better late than never! Finally we are able to move forward with our 8th edition after four years of setbacks. We’ve never been more excited to prepare this next edition for you. We will keep you updated on our Facebook/Instagram page, newsletter and websites news page.

Why Guardians of Gaia?  Gaia, or mother earth is currently overpopulated and depleted of her recourses as we’re sure you all know. At this edition of Psy-Fi we ask for your attention and explore with us how we can all help to overcome the current issues that we face as a species living on our beautiful home planet. 

All your positive feedback, love, kind words and many hugs we got, gave us the energy and confidence to start working on “Guardians of gaia”. For that we are ever grateful.

The Psy-Fi festival is set up to be one of the bigger Psy-Trance festivals in Europe. Offering a large variety of music, arts and space for personal growth. Bigger is not always better and we do not strive to be the biggest at all. We strive to deliver the most amazing festival experience we can give you. 

Next to that we aim to provide you with one of the best line-ups of the coming festival summer! After all we are all there for the music 🙂However we are not only there for the music, there are so many aspects that make a Psytrance festival so great! We feel that the learning experience is extremely important and we encourage you all to integrate what you learn on the festival into your daily lives. To help you do that we’ve invited some of the world’s leading experts on many topics such as Science, Psychology, Psychedelics, religion, Shamanism, sociology and much more to lecture for you. For more info and updates on the lecture program, follow us on Facebook, the sacred island page or our Inpsyder.

Psy-fi owes its name to the never solved question “what’s real”? When we enter alternative realities through meditation, music, psychedelics or any other means, are they sci-fi, or just as real as our ordinary state of reality?  That question has always been a big part of the psychedelic experience and our personal lives.

At this event we would like to invite you to experience these other states, and find out for yourself.We’ve invited most of the best known live acts and dj’s, whose music will help us understand more about these altered states.

​We have been part of the psy-trance family for many years and travelled all over the world to visit gatherings and festivals. We feel it’s our duty to contribute to our amazing world wide tribe our selves.  We as an organization are not about making money, we organize with all of our heart and soul, full of passion and love for the scene. All the money made from selling tickets, is directly invested into the next festival. That way we can keep our entrée fee as low as possible. Every year we evaluate to find a good balance between ticket price, experience, program and costs of the festival and you as visitor know that you are investing in the scene yourself.

We wish you a magical experience filled with love, peace, respect, wisdom and understanding.

Psy-Fi festival is about a lot more than music. It’s about connecting people form all over the world. No matter gender, race, religion or color we come together as one. We offer extensive learning programs on our sacred island covering topics such as Psychedelics, Psychology, society, religion, permaculture, sustainability, ancient cultures, Shamanism and dance.

People from over 116 countries have visited Psy-Fi festival last year for a full week lasting melting pot of Psychedelic culture. For your support we are ever grateful. In the mean time our team is working hard to make the 2023 edition yet an even  better experience for you. Below you can read all about how.

We like to keep an open, honest and transparent relationship with our loving visitors. Therefore you deserve the right to know what happens with your money and what we spend it on.  We try our very best to keep ticket prices to a minimum while delivering you the best festival experience possible for the money you pay. Every year we get feedback from you that we appreciate a lot! We read all the emails, suggestion forms and facebook comments and have meetings to see what we can do with your suggestions. However, improvements can not always be made without spending extra money, that is the reason why we have to put up the ticket prices a bit to ensure that you will get a better festival every year.

With all this said we would like to thank you, our beautiful visitors for your support, feedback and love and look forward to see you in August!

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